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German Dishes - Adapted to Fit Your Requirements!

How does the idea of Bavarian Beer and German dishes fit into the various lifestyles and dietary restrictions around the world?

As you might have already seen, we offer our Bavarian Beerhouse franchise and our restaurant consulting services worldwide. However, people in different countries and cultures might observe different dietary rules regarding food consumption, be it for religious, ethical, or simply health reasons.

In addition, certain ingredients of German cuisine might also be harder to come by (or more expensive) in other parts of the world.

So, where can you have Bavarian Beerhouses and German restaurants?

The short answer: Theoretically everywhere - that is, as long as you know how to adapt German dishes and the concept of our cuisine to your specific location!

As the Bavarian hospitality business experts, that's where we come in!

How can we help you to adapt our cuisine to your local requirements?

However, our Bavarian Beerhouses are about much more than just beer! Even if you should choose to have no beer at all, you should come to enjoy our famous German/Bavarian cuisine!

As far as our dishes are concerned, we can be pretty flexible with their adaptation. To mention one of the more prominent examples: While the traditional Bavarian Weisswurst is made with both veal and pork, we can certainly find alternatives without pork, and/or such butchers that provide meat processed in accordance with the requirements of kosher or halal food restrictions.

In addition, we are experiencing an increasing trend in the food industry to offer vegetarian or even vegan meat alternatives. That means that even a vegetarian audience can enjoy a meatless Bavarian "meat" dish.


Let's talk about beer: It does contain alcohol, and for that reason cannot or should not be consumed by everybody, be it for legal, religious, or health reasons.

And yes, even so-called "alcohol-free" beers can still legally contain a minimal amount of alcohol. That means that it's not automatically safe to drink for either alcoholics or pregnant women. However, the good news is that when visiting our Bavarian Beerhouse(s) and happen to be the designated driver, you can still enjoy the taste of Bavarian beer in the form of our (almost) alcohol-free versions. (Well, at least if you stay within reasonable amounts!)

Contact your Bavarian restaurant consultants for more information!

Depending on the service package of your choice, we can

  • assist you with developing the best local food alternatives

  • establish the contact with the various suppliers

  • train you in our time-proven processes for optimized efficiency

and much, much more!

Contact us today!

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