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We Are

Rene and Sabine von Reth

Rene von Reth -
usiness Development

Claudia Sabine von Reth -
Marketing & Events Professional


Born in Germany, Rene von Reth closed down his insurance business in 1994 and spent the following seven years traveling around the world, living and working in several countries (Thailand, Australia, Maldives, Egypt, Spain, Dominican Republic), before settling down in the UK in 2001. Rene combines an adventurous spirit with an entrepreneurial, solution-focused mind and believes in the possibilities of turning ideas into reality.


Sabine grew up with the business spirit: Her dad owned a successful dental laboratory, while her mum was in charge of the financial controlling and accounting. That way, Sabine got an early taste of what it takes to run a business, while also developing a passion for marketing communications. With an outgoing personality and a penchant for creative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions, she is responsible for the marketing and event-planning side of the business.   


The Beginning

It was the summer of 2003 when Rene and Sabine first met in a Beer Garden in Frankfurt, during one of Rene's visits to Germany. Rene told Sabine: "My name is Rene, I live in London and work in the IT business. But my idea is to open a Bavarian Beerhouse in UK's capital city". 

Fast Forward


By 2018, both had become partners in life as well as in business and had created the largest German/Bavarian Restaurant chain in the UK with venues in London and Bristol, and multi-million dollar revenues.  

Curious? Have a look at this TV report about their life and business in London as shown on ZDF German television (subtitles available):

Read more about their UK success story next year: "The Bavarian Beerhouse Story" book is due to be published in 2022.  

However, after 15 exciting and eventful years in London, it was time for a change and...

The Next Chapter of Their Story: "Bavarian Restaurant Consultancy Ltd."


After traveling together to over 70 countries worldwide, expanding their knowledge about different cultures, they are now excited to offer their business concept as a global Franchise opportunity, together with their expertise and experience. 

Read more about how you can become part of the Bavarian Beerhouse Family!

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