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A full franchise might be not right for you, as it is too strict. We fully understand that, as every location, city and country had a different taste, different rules and regulations. 

Our licensing option is a great possibility for you.

You are part of the Bavarian Beerhouse family, you use the Bavarian Beerhouse brand, and you get the full support of our knowledge and expertise to set up and run your German-themed location. 

We fully support you on an ongoing basis. We ll arrange follow-up visits and are always available to talk. 

Remember: When we started, we had no support or help. We made mistakes you can avoid because of our knowledge and help.


Licensing includes:


- On-site analysis of existing venue setup (bar, kitchen, guestroom)

- Supplier support

- Recipes support

-  Manager training

- Decoration and furniture support

- Use of the worldwide well-known Bavarian Beerhouse brand with its famous logo

- Marketing training

+ ongoing regular Follow up visits 

Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise
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