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Our Services

We offer affordable solutions for restaurant and/or hotel owners all over the world. 


In 2005, we took the popular concept of a traditional Bavarian-style restaurant venue, added just the right amount of modern flair, and established our first "Bavarian Beerhouse" in London, UK. Back then, it was the first of its kind in the whole of the United Kingdom, but more venues like that were soon to come. 

Now we offer the same concept to you! 

You can choose between:


  • Franchise 

  • Restaurant Consulting  

  • and Event Consulting services 


to convert your existing hospitality business into a Bavarian-style restaurant and become part of our "Bavarian Beerhouse" brand. 


Or maybe you would simply like to test the waters by setting up an "Oktoberfest" event at your location? In that case, you will benefit from our event management expertise. 


While we have been pioneers back in the day, starting with almost nothing, you are going to have it a lot easier! After all, we have already done a huge part of the work for you! 




Read on!

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