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Rene and Sabine von Reth at the Oktoberfest in Munich back in 2003

From an idea to a franchise - a quick history


In 2003, Sabine and Rene von Reth, then two German expats in London, were dreaming of owning their own Bavarian-style restaurant. Bavarian hospitality venues were already a successful concept in various countries all over the world, but in the UK, this concept was still new. So, in September 2003, they traveled to Munich to visit the famous "Oktoberfest" for the very first time.


One year later, they organized their first pop-up Oktoberfest event in London. They also founded their own company, "Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd."


By the end of 2005, they had done it: They opened their first restaurant, the "Bavarian Beerhouse Old Street" in London. This marked the beginning of the largest and most successful Bavarian Restaurant Chain in the UK. 

Now, YOU can be a part of OUR success story!


Welcome to the Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise.


We are offering our proven concept as a global franchise opportunity for restaurants and hotels. We can help you set up your very own Bavarian hospitality and Oktoberfest business in your country!

Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise
Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise

German restaurants and bars are very popular all over the world


Picture this scene: Delicious German beers in huge "Stein" glasses, paired with soft pretzels (or "Brezn"), sizzling sausages and other hearty Bavarian treats. All of this is being served by charming waitresses in traditional outfits ("Dirndls"). The guests are sitting on the typical long wooden benches and tables in a cozy, rustic ambience. All of this is rounded off by the typical popular Oktoberfest music, games, and other forms of entertainment.

Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise

The winning formula  


What is the secret? The winning formula of a Bavarian restaurant is the combination of Beer, Food & "Gemütlichkeit" (coziness). Our Bavarian Beerhouses are places where you can meet old friends and make new friends while enjoying popular Bavarian delicacies.   


The Bavarian Beerhouse concept has transferred the traditional German "Bierhaus" restaurants into fun and entertaining places with a touch of casual, modern lifestyle.


This concept is now available as a worldwide full franchise, Licensing, or a one-off consultancy. 

Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise
What about you?  
  • Would you like to fill your empty seats?

  • Do you operate a hotel/hotel chain with various restaurants and want to transform one of these restaurants with a Bavarian theme?

  • Are you a restaurant owner looking to transform their business and increase their revenue?

Whom we are looking for


If you answered the above questions with YES, you are ready to go to the next step. At Bavarian Beerhouse, we seek potential franchisees who:

  • Have either restaurant industry experience, strong financial and business acumen, a background in franchising, or all of the above

  • Passion and commitment to exceptional customer service

  • Have a decent cash liquidity

We have the solution for you!


Join us, and become a part of the Bavarian Beerhouse Family!


If you share our vision as well as our passion, we’ll support your ambition and business objectives. With a program tailor-made to answer your every need. From design, and fitting to staff training and sales and marketing plans. We’ll be with you .. to get started please get in touch and complete the form 


Rene & Sabine von Reth

Rene and Sabine von Reth

Watch our Franchise Video to get more information 

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