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What Makes German Beer So Special?

Beer from Germany enjoys an excellent reputation among beer connoisseurs, but what exactly is it that makes our German beer so popular? Today, we take a look at those special characteristics:

German beer styles

Granted, Germany is not the only country in the world that offers a variety of beer styles or types. However, some of these different styles are uniquely German, for example, "Kölsch" from the Cologne and "Alt" from the Düsseldorf area in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Particularly famous, of course, is our Bavarian beer, one of Germany's Southern federal states. After all, the annual Oktoberfest in Munich (the Bavarian capital) is a mix of beer festival and funfair. It even has its very own beer, the "Oktoberfest Beer."

Perhaps needless to say, here at the Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise, Bavarian beer is our specialty.

The "Reinheitsgebot"

The German Reinheitsgebot is a famous purity law that has been regulating the production of German beers since the Middle Ages, with only a few exemptions. According to the Reinheitsgebot, water, barley, and hops are the only ingredients allowed in the beer brewing process.

Among other potential ingredients, this notably leaves out the addition of chemicals. That is, naturally, a well-appreciated factor, especially in today's time where many foods and beverages are full of artificial additives.

Gas and Beer

Even the way beer is served can make a lot of difference regarding its taste. As we have mentioned on various occasions, we developed our successful Bavarian Beerhouse concept during our time in the UK.

When you order a beer in an English pub, you will see that it is pumped into the glasses. However, this is not how it works for German beer.

In a German pub or restaurant, the beer comes from a beer keg. The tap system used to serve this beer works with a certain amount of pressure created by a gas mix of nitrogen and oxygen. This serving method gives the beer its remarkably fresh taste and the typical foam crown on top.

By the way, if you are interested in the history of our Bavarian Beerhouses and the way we developed and optimized our concept, keep an eye on our announcements towards the end of 2022, when we will publish our "business memoirs." You will find many intriguing insights behind the scenes of our business and even more valuable tips and information for potential future restaurant owners.

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