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As a Bavarian Beerhouse, you are an ambassador for the popular German culture and will establish great connections to the German Embassy. Tourist Office. The German Society. German companies in the region and many more associations connected - or want to connect - to the German circle. 

Just to give you and idea about Events

German Embassy

To start the Olympic Games in London 2012 the German Embassy had organized an event: The German LoveBoat "Traumschiff" was brought to Canary Wharf and used as a hotel for the German athletes. To kick off the Olympics a party was organized by the German Ambassador in collaboration with an East London Magazin: When Black-Tie meets Drag Queens! CAtering: the Bavarian Beerhouse! 

Watch the video of this once in a lifetime party 

German Tourist Office UK collaboration 

A press conference with about 30 journalists was organized by the German Tourist Office in the UK. Part of the program was the painting of the famous German gnom #Gartenzwerg. Sabine was in the jury judging the best-pained gnom. Clearly a fun job, and a good way to make new connections. 

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