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About us

Bavarian Restaurant Consulting and Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd. are the "brainchildren" of entrepreneur Rene von Reth and marketing professional Sabine von Reth.

Back in 2005, the "Bavarian Beerhouse Old Street" was the very first German Restaurant/Bar in London and the UK, and it turned out to be an instant success. The second venue "Bavarian Beerhouse Tower Hill" opened in May 2010.


In both cases, Sabine and Rene had taken over existing (and more or less languishing) locations and successfully transformed them into a unique mixture of traditional Bavarian "Oktoberfest" elements and modern lifestyle features with authentic imported German/Bavarian food and, of course, beer.

A winning formula

Within the first years of each Bavarian Beerhouse location, the sales increased by 310% and by even 405% respectively in comparison to the previous concepts. 

This clearly demonstrates: The Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd. concept is a winning formula! Its relaxed and casual atmosphere in a modern Oktoberfest style brings fun to the guests, and money into the business owners' pockets.  


Hospitality pioneers

Up until 2018, the Bavarian Beerhouse Group was the UK’s only authentic as well as largest German restaurant chain.  


Both London venues, "Bavarian Beerhouse Old Street" and "Bavarian Beerhouse Tower Hill" served as door-openers for the future success of affordable German-themed restaurants & bars around the UK.  

Eventually, after 15 successful business years, it was time for the next step: 


Taking this successful concept global! 


Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd. is now taking its gastronomy brand global, together with its iconic "Ilse" logo, which is recognized around the world.  



As "Bavarian Beerhouse Global Franchise & Restaurant Consultancy", we now offer our affordable business concept, combined with the knowledge and experience of almost 20 years, as a franchise to interested hospitality businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Restaurant Consulting

For non-franchisees with an interest in Bavarian restaurant culture, we offer the option of general consulting services.

Event Consulting

In addition, we provide our expertise in event planning to organizers of Oktoberfest events.


Contact us today for more information! 

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