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Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise

The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is the world's largest folk festival and as such famous and popular all over the world. In its current form, it is a mix of beer festivals and fun fair combined with traditional as well as modern party elements. 


The original event known as "Oktoberfest" has a long tradition and is also affectionately known as "Wiesn", named after its location, the Theresienwiese. Every autumn, it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

Oktoberfest has become a global sensation 


Due to the huge popularity of the original, Oktoberfest celebrations have become popular around the globe as well. Many hospitality businesses in Germany, Europe, and abroad set up their own Oktoberfest events - often with great enthusiasm, but not always successfully. 


Your very own Oktoberfest! 


This is where we come in! 


Let's face it: Organizing a successful party event can be a challenge in itself. Doing it for profit makes the challenge even greater. Add to that putting it all under a cultural motto you might not be fully familiar with and the task of sourcing genuine supplies from Germany (Bavarian beer and snacks, anyone?) … well, you'll have your work cut out for you. 


  • Where to start?  

  • How to do it?  

  • What is important? 


But guess what: You don't need to do it all on your own! We and our Oktoberfest Event Consulting Services are here to help you.  

Sabine von Reth on BBC News

What can we do for you?   

We are here to help you, and we have a lot to bring to the table - literally as well as figuratively: 


  • 30 years of experience in the event area with 20 years experience in Oktoberfest events 

  • Established contacts with German breweries, food suppliers, and - an often underrated but very important detail - original German/Bavarian-style entertainers, musicians, and bands 

  • We are seasoned Beer Festival consultants and have organized over 500 Oktoberfest events with more than 2.5 million guests. 


    Back in 2004, we started the Oktoberfest hype in the United Kingdom, developed a feasible as well as profitable concept, and turned it all into a successful business. 

    Let's make the idea of your own Oktoberfest event into a reality! 

    Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise

    Let's discuss how to organize a successful Oktoberfest event in your area. We will help you with the possible options, tailor-made for you, your country, and your event. 


    This includes aspects like:  

    • Catering 

    • Technical equipment 

    • Staff (hiring & training) 

    • Budgets 

    • Decoration 

    • Furniture 

    • Merchandise 

    • Advertising  …and much more. 


    We will be onsite to help and support you during your event.

    To send you a tailor-made offer we need information such as country, region, capacity, and possible dates.

    Fill in the form today and we'll be in touch shortly.
    We ll make your Oktoberfest celebrations a success! 

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