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"The Bavarian Beerhouse Story" Giveaway at Goodreads

Did you know? We are currently running a Giveaway for our new book over at Goodreads. There is still time to enter to win 1 of 100 FREE Kindle copies!

Bavarian Beerhouse Story - Book Cover

by Sabine von Reth and René von Reth (with Susanne Wagner)

How to enter the "The Bavarian Beerhouse Story" Giveaway

It's easy! All you need is a Goodreads account in the US (well, and an Amazon account, of course!) You don't have an account yet? Get it here!

The Giveaway ends July 17, 2023.

See the details at Goodreads.

Click to enter the Giveaway here!

"PROST! The Bavarian Beerhouse Story Giveaway at Goodreads

What if you did not win one of the free Giveaway Copies or live in a Country outside the Giveaway Area?

You did not win a "PROST! The Bavarian Beerhouse Story Giveaway" copy?

No worries! There are still various options to get the book!

It's available on Amazon (internationally)

as a Kindle ebook as well as print version.

Kindle Unlimited users can currently also read it FOR FREE as part of their subscription.

If you're interested in further giveaways and contests, make sure to subscript to our newsletter and follow/like our page on Facebook for future updates!

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Did you already read the book?

If you have already read (and hopefully enjoyed) the book, we would love it if you gave us a review!

You can do that

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