You want the same success? 

You own a restaurant, but don’t have enough sale, revenue or profit?

Well, Bavarian Beerhouse is the solution.

We have a proven concept, that by taking over even successful and well-known restaurant chains the sales increases.

If you are a restaurant owner you can qualify to become a Bavarian Beerhouse franchisee, if you can answer the following 6 questions with YES:

1. Do you own your restaurant? 
2. Are you tied free? 
3. Do you have a Guest Internal aera (GIA) of at least 200 SQM 
4. Do you have a working kitchen? 
5. Do you have a Bar? 
6. Do you have a Beer cellar? 

If you can answer all 6 questions with YES, you are qualified to become a Bavarian Beerhouse franchisee and increase your sale, revenue and profit. 

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