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Herzlich Willkommen

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Welcome to Bavarian Restaurant Consulting and the Virtual Side of Bavarian Beerhouse!

  • Are you interested in opening your own Bavarian Beerhouse?

  • Are you an Oktoberfest fan? Perhaps you are even planning to set up your own Oktoberfest event?

  • Or maybe you simply want to find out more about Germany, Bavaria, and Bavarian beer?

In any case: Welcome!

Our goal is to introduce you to all of that, and more. We will write about topics

  • from Beer to Stein

  • from Blue to White

  • from Dirndl to Lederhosen

  • from Schlager Music to Ooompah

  • from Bavaria to Worldwide

  • from Haxn to Weisswurst

  • from Knödel to Lebkuchenherz

  • from Bavarian Beerhouse to Oktoberfest

  • from Fest to Party

  • from Wiesn to Zelt

What can we do for you?

However, we can do much more than simply write or talk about all things Oktoberfest and Bavarian Beerhouse-related! We are your competent partners when it comes to making it happen for you!

While the original Oktoberfest beer festival takes place in Munich, Bavaria (Germany), you don’t have to travel to Germany to experience a touch of the original - or to enjoy original Bavarian beer, for that matter!

Oktoberfest-style parties and festivals can be found almost all over the globe, and so can beer houses that emulate the typical Bavarian Beerhouse atmosphere and ambiance and serve German-Bavarian beer paired with the proper delicacies.

Talk to us if you need experts for organizing your very own Oktoberfest event, wherever you are!

Let’s discuss if you dream of converting your love for all things Bavarian Beerhouse into an actual business! Did you know? Instead of starting from scratch, as we have very successfully done, you can get the whole concept and system to take over!

(Just so you know, here’s another thing: We are currently working on putting the story of Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd. into book form, so you can read all about how we did it! Stay tuned for more news!)

In the meantime, contact us to learn more about our expertise and services!

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