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Famous Oktoberfest Songs (Part 1)

"Schunkeln" (i.e. swaying to the music with your arm intertwined with your neighbor's), singing and dancing: The music in an Oktoberfest-style beer tent immerses the guests and a truly integral part of the typical atmosphere of Oktoberfest celebrations.

What are typical Oktoberfest Songs?

Like the original Munich Oktoberfest itself, the Oktoberfest songs have evolved from being rather traditional to a broad mix of marches and brass music ("OompahPah!"), popular drinking songs, and contemporary party music (German as well as English language) and "Schlager", a particular genre of classic German hits.

A few Examples

1. "Ein Prosit"

The famous line "Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit" basically means "A Toast to Comfort". "Ein Prosit" is one of THE standard Oktoberfest songs to raise and clink your beer glasses (or "Steins") and sing along.

2. Skandal im Sperrbezirk

This "Scandal in the Restricted Area" is a German 80ies classic! We owe this contribution to our playlist to the Munich-based "Spider Murphy Gang."

3. Country Roads

"Country Roads" is one example of English language songs that have become a staple on many Oktoberfest playlists.

Originally by American singer-songwriter John Denver, this famous folk and country hit has enjoyed many revivals in the past. One typical example, as far as Oktoberfest songs are concerned, is the version by the Dutch "Hermes House Band".

4. Hulapalu

Austrian singer Andreas Gabalier combines yodel, Schlager and something fresh and modern.

5. Oh, du lieber Augustin (Oh, My Dear Augustin)

A famous German traditional, perfect for dancing a waltz or, if you prefer to stay stationary, a fresh round of "Schunkeln."

Stay tuned for more!

These are of course only a few examples for the different styles of music that make the Oktoberfest atmosphere so unique. Check back in with us for our next blog post and part 2 of "Famous Oktoberfest songs."

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