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Beers Around the World - Part 1

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

One of the many things that make traveling so exciting is trying out the local cuisine. The culinary part of the adventure often includes local dishes with corresponding drinks. One of the most popular alcoholic ones is, as you might expect, the good old beer.

If you enjoy beer, you probably have one or two favorites among the various brands and types of beer. Today, we would like to take you on a little virtual tour of local beers around the world, starting with Japan in the East, and the USA in the West.


If you look at an overview of Japanese beer examples, you will see that there is quite a variety of tasting notes, starting with such well-known ones as hops and malt, and a bit more surprising notes like banana, chocolate, or even bread.

True to culinary traditions, rice is not only an established staple of Japanese dishes. It also plays a prominent role in the art of beer brewing. For example, Rice lagers like Asahi Super Dry are very popular in Japan. However, you can also find wheat beers like Kawaba Snow Weizen and stouts like Baird Dark Sky.


Take a look at this collection of "The 25 Most Important American Beers of all Time," and you will probably recognize various name brands, even if you don't live in the United States. Beers like Budweiser or Miller have achieved international name recognition.

The US offer a vast diversity of cultures, and beer varieties are one more example of this diversity. You might be aware of pumpkin being a classic culinary ingredient, but did you know there is such a thing as Pumpkin Beer? Depending on where you live, this might sound like a rather exotic variant, but after all, that's part of the idea of with this article.

There is even diversity among the IPAs, which are known for their hoppy emphasis. Have a look at this article to learn more about the characteristics and differences between East Coast and West Coast IPAs. Wikipedia offers further examples of different IPA styles in the US.

Looking forward to learning more?

Stay tuned for our next part of international beer examples!

As you might already be aware of, our own expertise lies in the area of German beers, Bavarian in particular. If you are curious about what we do, check out our services, and contact us for further information!

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