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Bavarian Beerhouse Drinks: Beer & More!

When you think of typical beerhouse drinks, it's no wonder that the first drink that comes to mind is probably: beer! However, that's definitely all you can drink there!

Today, we are looking at the menu and drink selection we developed during the days of our three initial Bavarian Beerhouses in the UK.

Bavarian Beerhouse Drinks beyond Beer


No question: Even a beerhouse needs to offer at least a few soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages!


Among other things, Germany is famous for a variety of great wines, and so we like to provide a wine option as well.


You've probably already come across the name "Schnapps," referring to liqueurs, fruit brandies, and other spirit drinks. But did you know that it is derived from the German word "Schnaps?"

So, yes, now you probably understand why several Schnapps specialties have found their way into our selection of Bavarian Beerhouse drinks.

Schnapps at the Bavarian Beerhouse - Our "Fantastic Five"

A sweet fig liqueur of vodka basis served in small bottles with a screw top (Meanwhile available in several different flavors.) The Bavarian Beerhouse Drinks menu described it like this:

Fig & Fun

A delicious and deceptively innocent tasting blend of fig & vodka with a surprisingly strong kick. In traditional German style, rap the bottle vigorously on the table to blend before downing it in one shot and… ahem, balance the lid on your nose.

This traditional German herbal liqueur was initially known as a digestif. Nowadays, it is better-known among the young generation and party scene. In our Beerhouses, it was a popular ingredient in mixed drinks like this:


A shot glass of the cult herbal brew dropped into a larger glass of Red Bull… guaranteed to give you more than "wings!!"

Another example of a non-beer-related alcoholic invention from Germany: a sweet liqueur on the basis of wheat spirits and apples, or as our "Fantastic Five" menu used to put it:

Groovy Man! Pure 70s revival, a shot of schnaps with an intense apple flavor. The taste is innocent; the result is anything but…

Vodka plus Gummy Bear

Did you know that the Gummy Bear has German origins as well? In combination with vodka, it makes it onto the Bavarian Beerhouse Drinks "Fantastic Five" under the title: "Grin & Bear It"

Vodka plus Sour Fizz

aka the Bavarian Beerhouse's "Porn Fizz":

A true explosion in your mouth! Empty a sachet of sour fizz in your mouth, top up with a shot of vodka, shake your head in ecstasy and enjoy!!

Our Bavarian Beerhouse Concept - A Winning Formula!

Our special Beerhouse drinks menu is another example for the fact that it's our special concept, paired with our expertise, that makes the Bavarian Beerhouse so special! Now, you can become part of this successful business model by becoming one of our international Franchisees!

Curious? Contact us for further information!

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