Now, after you are qualified, you can choose your package. 
Our goal is to help you to become a successful business. 
Therefore, we are offering different franchise packages.
We can understand that some people struggle to make revenue, even if they are in business for many years.
That is where we can help and offer our service. 


Existing restaurants can be turned into an Oktoberfest place. New premises are set up as "German place". We love finding the right solution for your situation, and offer tailor-made packages, too.

Take a look at our most feasible and popular packages, other options are available on request: 


Package 1


Initial Payment from US Dollar 75.000

Royalty Fee 5 % from Net revenue 

Duration 7 years 

U$ 75.000


Package 2


Initial Payment from US Dollar 50.000

Royalty Fee 8 % from Net revenue 

Duration 7 years 

U$ 50.000

 Possible countries

UK // Ireland  // India  // China  // Australia // USA // Canada  // South Africa  // UAE... and many more.